The Battle and Evacuation of Dunkirk in the 2nd World War is also known as the Miracle of Dunkirk.  Over the next few days I want to tell you the story. Our story begins on Thursday 23rd May 1940 when the German Field Marshal Karl Rundstedt ordered his Panzer units to halt, concerned about the […]

How do you fancy honoring the Roman god Vulcan? In ancient Rome this day was a festival in honor of Vulcan – the god of fire and metalworking.  It was marked by a ceremony called the Tubilustrium.  This involved cleaning and purifying the tubae – the straight trumpets used during funerals, sacrifices, public games and […]

It was in October 1851that Manchester first welcomed Queen Victoria to the region – the first monarch for 150 or so years – and both Manchester and Salford went to great lengths to host a memorable event. The escort for the royal party included a Guard of Honour of the Yeoman Cavalry who accompanied them […]

Virtually all of the stories I post are linked to events from times gone by.  Today’s story takes us back 177 years to extracts from the Union Workhouse Minutes of the day for the town of Stamford in eastern England.  These stories are taken from actual events and with these brief records we get a […]

It was on Thursday 15th May 1919 that Edith Cavell’s body was eventually brought back from Brussels to England. The First World War heroine had been executed by firing squad in 1915 for helping Allied servicemen in German-occupied neutral Belgium to escape. After the war, moves were made to bring her back to England.  When […]

Britain’s Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834 was passed by Parliament and was designed to reduce the cost of looking after the poor as it stopped money going to poor people except in exceptional circumstances. Now if people wanted help they had to go into a workhouse to get it. The new Poor Law ensured […]

It was during the playing of the national anthem at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on the evening of Thursday 15th May 1800 that James Hadfield fired a pistol at King George III who was standing in the royal box.  Hadfield missed and was grabbed at once by the guards. He immediately claimed that he had fired over the king’s […]