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A Snippet from 23rd May

How do you fancy honoring the Roman god Vulcan? In ancient Rome this day was a festival in honor of Vulcan – the god of fire and metalworking.  It was marked by a ceremony called the Tubilustrium.  This involved cleaning and purifying the tubae – the straight trumpets used during funerals, sacrifices, public games and […]

East Anglia’s Nursing Martyr comes home

It was on Thursday 15th May 1919 that Edith Cavell’s body was eventually brought back from Brussels to England. The First World War heroine had been executed by firing squad in 1915 for helping Allied servicemen in German-occupied neutral Belgium to escape. After the war, moves were made to bring her back to England.  When […]

It happened at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

It was during the playing of the national anthem at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on the evening of Thursday 15th May 1800 that James Hadfield fired a pistol at King George III who was standing in the royal box.  Hadfield missed and was grabbed at once by the guards. He immediately claimed that he had fired over the king’s […]

Britain has a new King

This day – Wednesday May 12th 1937 – saw the coronation at Westminster Abbey of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth as King and Queen of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth and as Emperor and Empress of India. King George was ascending to the throne following the abdication of his […]

Britain’s apology doesn’t make everyone happy.

Two days later on Friday 11th May 1956 it was reported that the British had apologized to Russia over the incident of Frogman Crabb.  A note from the Foreign Office said that the frogman who had been discovered swimming between the Soviet destroyers was, in all probability Commander Crabb.  “As has already been publically reported”, […]

A Snippet from 11th May

How often have you had your own thoughts on the actions and performance of parliamentarians at large and ministers in particular?  Fortunately this particular story has never been repeated! It was on this day – Monday 11th May 1812 – that Spencer Perceval, the Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was shot dead in […]

The Prime Minister responds to a previous query regarding Lionel Crabb

It was on Wednesday 9th May 1956 that the Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden made a brief statement in the House of Commons.  “It was,” he said, “not in the public interest to disclose how Commander Crabb had died”.  What was done was done without the authority or knowledge of Her Majesty’s ministers and “appropriate […]