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Good thoughts on this Friday

I thought we’d have advice from some well known names this week: Oscar Wilde is recorded as saying: ‘Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes’  Lord Byron said of one person: ‘I wish he would explain his explanation.’  How many of us have experienced that situation? Another significant person – Albert Einstein – […]

Good thoughts for a Friday

Four thoughts with no name and one with a very special name: ‘The most dangerous managers are those with a vivid imagination and weak nerves.’  I remember having one just like that. ‘More wisdom is needed to profit from good advice than to give it.’ ‘The greatest motivator is being shown confidence and trust.’  I […]

A few more thoughts

‘If you wish to convince an opponent you must show him the best and most noble traits in his character.’        Mahatma Gandhi Napoleon tells us, and he should know, that ‘Reconnaissance is never wasted’ Some anonymous thoughts: ‘Any fool can criticise – and most do.’ ‘Long-term success is ensured only by knowing how success was […]

Time for some more good thoughts

A thought for the week:  ‘There are always two sides to every question.  But when you see that there are three sides to the question, the – and only then – are you starting to get to grips with the problem.‘             Anon Jay Huenfeld says – ‘Most men recognise a business opportunity only when it […]

Yet more good thoughts

Ralph Waldo Emerson commented in the mid 19th century: ‘All sensible people are selfish and nature is tugging at every contract to make the terms of it fair’. The Chinese philosopher Laozi or Laotse is regarded as a founder of Taoism who lived in 4th/5th/or 6th century BCE.  Whenever he did live his words have […]

Four more good thoughts

I hope you find these little tid-bits interesting. Please feel free to post comments and/or thoughts that you have that you feel would fit in here. Here are four for today: The statement that ‘Reconnaissance is never wasted’ is as true today as it was when Napoleon said it. Equally valid is Benjamin Disraeli’s thought […]

Three more good thoughts

Unknown source: ‘The wise man does today what the average man does three days later.’ Macchiavelli: ‘The only way to protect yourself from flattery is to make men see that you are not offended if they tell you the truth.’ Frederick the Great: ‘Few men have the ability to think, but yet everyone wants to […]