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The newspapers report the death of Lieutenant-Commander Lionel Crabb

We’ve seen our strange 20th century story begin with Messrs Khrushchev and Bulganin arrival in Britain and our ‘introduction’ to Lieutenant-Commander Lionel Crabb. Your scribe promised the next steps would arrive on Saturday 29th April 2017.  You will also have noticed that nothing appeared.  That can be blamed on a late arrival of the newspapers […]

Buster Crabb and a note of his past

It is interesting how one thing can lead to another – and that the ‘other’ can be in the past rather than the present. On Wednesday 19th April I posted the first part of the Buster Crabb story and promised that the next step would appear on Saturday 29th April.  That promise remains – however […]

World War 2 intelligence

I have just posted on my ‘beejaytellingstories’ blog a completely fictitious story that stemmed from the following very factual outline of World War 2 work during that war. ‘Intelligence is never wasted’ is one of the oldest maxims of warfare. Certainly British intelligence in World War 2 made a substantial contribution to the Allied victory. […]