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The story of the Fenland Saints Guthlac and Pega

One problem about telling stories about individuals of centuries past is deciding what is fact, what may be fact, and what probably is story-telling/fiction. The story I am telling here could – and almost certainly does – contain elements of all three. Saint Guthlac (c. 674 – 714) and Saint Pega (d.719) were brother and […]

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Introduction to a Christmas Special. Have you suddenly realised you have no Mince Pies for Christmas? How about making some yourself? Gervase Markham’s ‘The English Housewife’ [London: 1615] may help you cope with Yule Tide Mince Pies. His recipe says [spelling by Gervase, modified punctuation by me]:- ‘Take a Legge of Mutton, and cut the […]

Victorian trouble on the roads; Political disagreements; VCs at the end of the war; An invasion of England and a Parson’s Sunday; Resurrection Men and Rupert Bear are all here this week

Monday 2nd November 1896 was the day that the General Accident Company issued Britain’s first motor insurance policies. There was a clause in the policy that excluded cover for ‘damage caused by frightened horses.’ On this same day the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser carried the following letter to the Editor under the heading […]