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The last battle on English soil

It was on Friday 6th July 1685 that the Battle of Sedgemoor was fought at Westonzoyland near Bridgewater in Somerset. It was the last battle to take place on English soil. On one side of the conflict was James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth – on the other were troops loyal to King James II […]

England’s Tudor facts – True or False

I hope you had fun with Conundrums for Fun.  It’s now run its path – the last five answers were posted last Wednesday 27th April.  I don’t want you to now sit twiddling your fingers and mind-sets so I thought you might like a simple (!) alternative. It is based on various happenings in England […]

The Normans – conflict, building and re-building 1070-1200

It appears that William’s first idea was to work with the Old English past – certainly as far as the Church was concerned. However this did not last long. The Celtic church in the north was a major factor in the resistance that led to his ‘Harrying of the North’, and in the Fens the […]