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Samuel Pepys’ last written words

It was on Friday 31st May 1669 that Samuel Pepys wrote the final entry in his Diary. His nine-and-a-half-year diary keeping was, he said, at an end because his eyes were deteriorating.   His closing words were:- ‘And so I betake to that course, which is almost as much as to see myself go into my […]

Time for some more good thoughts

A thought for the week:  ‘There are always two sides to every question.  But when you see that there are three sides to the question, the – and only then – are you starting to get to grips with the problem.‘             Anon Jay Huenfeld says – ‘Most men recognise a business opportunity only when it […]

Now that’s a good thought

The second in this sequence. There is a Japanese proverb that says: ‘The person who laughs instead of losing their temper is always the stronger’   And not too far away from the above one we have La Rochefoucauld [a noted French author of the 17th century] telling us that: ‘Most of our mistakes are […]

Now that’s a good thought

I’ve just been trawling through a collection that I compiled quite some time ago.  They are nothing new – but they are to the point; and they do make sense. Some have source credits – some don’t.   I plan on posting them in ones and twos over the weeks ahead.  I hope you find them […]