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Conundrums for fun 12th and last time

Yes, I’m afraid so, this is the last conundrum challenge – though you’ll have to wait until next week for the answers! But in the meantime – here are the answers from last weeks conundrums 51.  Why is kissing your sweetheart like eating soup with a fork? ….. Because it takes a long time to […]

Conundrums for Fun 11

Let’s start off with a look at last post’s ‘answers’: 46.  Why is a person who never lays a wager as bad as a regular gambler? ….. Because he is no better. 47.  When is a ship like a scarf pin? ….. When it is on the bosom of a heavy swell. 48.  Why is […]

Conundrums for Fun 10

Let’s see how things went with last week’s conundrums ……. 41. Why is the new moon like a giddy girl? ….. Because she is too young to shew much reflection. 42. What invitation would be dangerous and disloyal to a soldier? ….. Asking him to dinner and dessert. 43. Why are most medical men dressed […]

Conundrums for Fun 9

As usual – let’s see how you got one with last week’s little collection – but before we start I just want to remind you that these little questions date back to 22nd December 1886 and what you see now is exactly as was written then; in other words ‘the spellings are theirs NOT mine!  […]

Conundrums for Fun 8

Many years ago, when I was at school, I had a maths teacher that would come into our room; place his case on his high desk; open his case and take out some books; close the case and place it on the floor then sit behind his high desk. He did not say a word […]

Conundrums for Fun 7

How did it go last week?  Do you think you got them all correct?  Well let’s see….. 26.  When is a woman to be treated with especial reverence? ….. When she is a little cross. 27.  When is iron the most ironical? ….. When its a railing. 28.  Why is it that summer goes so […]

Conundrums for fun 6

How did you get on with last week’s set?  Let’s see if you hit 5 out of five: Why is a psychological romance like the train of a celebrated actress? ….. Because its a tale (tail) of mystery (Miss Terry – a famous actress of the time) When are ladies like telegrams? ….. When their […]