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The story of Hereward the Wake

The story of Hereward the Wake is a story of this time told many times over. It is a key part of the story we are telling of the great Fenland Monasteries. I am going to address this part of the story in two steps – one step here and now, another next week when […]

What King William of the Normans did next

So – William had won; he was now King of England and changes would follow. The establishing of Benedictine monasticism as an agency of reform and a vehicle of ducal authority had been occurring in western Normandy at exactly the same time as in the north of England. Both areas had previously been immune to […]

England under the Danes

In the last blog we left the Fenland monasteries re-establishing themselves under the Danes. By the late 10th century a significant degree of stability existed in England under Ethelred II ‘The Unready’ who reigned from 979 to 1016 apart from a short while (1013-4) when Sweyn took the throne. Edmund II, ‘Ironside’, held sway from […]