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The Attempt on the Life of the Queen exactly as reported by The Graphic newspaper on 11th March 1882

INTENSE horror and alarm were created all over the country by the news that, on Thursday last week, an attempt had been made to shoot the Queen, but the assurance which was at the same time circulated that Her Majesty had escaped unhurt tended greatly to allay the excitement, and perhaps to lessen the universal […]

An Attempt on the Life of the Queen

Today, as I write this, it is Thursday 2nd March 2017.  What I want to do, though, is to take you back to Thursday, 2nd March 1882 because, on that day, one Roderick McLean attempted to assassinate Queen Victoria at Windsor with a pistol. Apparently McLean’s motive was a curt reply to some poetry that […]


Over the past 20 years or so I have been involved in researching my own family tree as well as leading many one-off and malti-session courses on family history research. A recent conversation with one of my past ‘customers’ has prompted me to post this very British story to the wider world:- Unfortunately, most of […]

this week offers shergar; conscription; a royal marriage; murder; execution; working wounded; st valentine’s day

A varied collection of stories this week for events in 1554, 1828, 1840, 1859,1916, 1983 and one day every year. Horse theft is followed by consciption and objection; peoples varied celebrations of a Royal marriage is followed by murder for the benefit of health. We also have a story that follows the death of a king. We end this week with jobs for the wounded from the Crimea and end with a kiss – or similar.