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The answers from last Friday’s Tudor challenge – and another 5 for this week

The answers to last week’s 5 True or False challenges are: 11. The statement that Tudors drank water with their meals was FALSE.  People knew that drinking water made them ill so they rarely drank any.  Most people – including children – drank ale or beer.  Ale had been the staple drink but was now […]

It happened in the week just past in times gone by.

Now where do we start?  The year is now just 9 days old – but if we go back many centuries we would still be in last year. The Calendar (New Style) Act of 1750 reformed England’s calendar so that the year now began on 1 January rather than Lady Day – 25 March. At […]

Chloroform; Lady Chatterley; Gas Works and Victoria + Albert; Bull Running and Hemp followed by 19th century Assurance

Tuesday 9th November 1847 saw the birth of baby Wilhelmina Carstairs in Edinburgh. Nothing unusual about that you might think but – young Wilhelmina was the first child born to a mother who was being treated by Dr James Young Simpson’s new anaesthetic – chloroform. Doctor – later Sir – James Young Simpson was a […]