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Katharine of Aragon’s last letter to her husband, King Henry VIII

On Friday last, 27th January 2017, the people of Peterborough and beyond came to remember the death and buriel of King Henry 8th’s first wife Katharine of Aragon. I saw little of the actual service because a group of us in appropriate costume guided some 360 chidren from St John’s Church to the Cathedral, and […]

A King prefers his Lady

On 20th of January 1936, King George V died and so his eldest son Edward began his reign as King Edward VIII. During his reign the new King travelled a lot with a Mrs. Wallis Simpson with him on almost every single trip.  In November King Edward VIII wanted to talk to his favourite adviser […]

Plough Sunday & Monday and the Wassailing Men

As a country boy, January was the time when our community started to prepare for the year to come. To do this we looked back on the past – looked forward to the future – and had fun in the present. In many rural communities across the country this sequence – well elements of it […]

It happened in the week just past in times gone by.

Now where do we start?  The year is now just 9 days old – but if we go back many centuries we would still be in last year. The Calendar (New Style) Act of 1750 reformed England’s calendar so that the year now began on 1 January rather than Lady Day – 25 March. At […]

Welcome to 2016

I don’t know about you but 2015 seems to have flown by.  Projects that were planned for the year got pushed to one side as something else barged in.  Some of that came from my ‘beejaytellingstories’ blog sort of demanding priority!  I have repremanded myself for that.  The other ‘excuse’ was that I was developing […]