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The Kiplingcotes Derby

The 3rd Thursday in March every year – so this year on Thursday 17th March 2016 – sees the Kiplingcotes Derby takes place at a small hamlet close to Market Weighton in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It has firm records dating back to 1618 with an endowment being given in 1619. However, it reputedly […]

this week offers shergar; conscription; a royal marriage; murder; execution; working wounded; st valentine’s day

A varied collection of stories this week for events in 1554, 1828, 1840, 1859,1916, 1983 and one day every year. Horse theft is followed by consciption and objection; peoples varied celebrations of a Royal marriage is followed by murder for the benefit of health. We also have a story that follows the death of a king. We end this week with jobs for the wounded from the Crimea and end with a kiss – or similar.