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January Snow in the winter of 1946/7

The harsh European winter of 1946–1947 was noted for its effects in the United Kingdom which suffered its coldest winter in three centuries. It caused severe hardships in terms of the economy and living conditions, with massive disruptions of the energy supply for homes, offices and factories. No one could keep warm, and many businesses […]

This was a Dandy surprise

It was on Saturday 4th December 1937 that the very first issue of a new comic appeared on the streets of Britain.  It was called The Dandy Comic! There were, and had been, lots of comics available in Britain but this one had something different: this one used speech balloons to tell the story instead […]

The story of a Little Boy Blue

A few days ago we fetched some things from our loft to deal with as appropriate.  This morning I sat going through one box of books.  In it I found two loose pieces of paper – well three actually, one was a single page and the other was two pages.  I read them both.  The […]