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A story of times gone by

Britain has many ‘traditional’ activities that, in summer or harvest time, bring all members of the community together for a celebration – a celebration that can go on for the best part of a week or more.  The town where I now live had a reputation for their ‘Feast’ but, I’m afraid, those events seem […]

John Clare comes home

John Clare – the Helpston poet – appears to have had little direct involvement with the nearby Peterborough apart from a brief time with the Militia at Norman Cross. However, he does make passage through Peterborough on this day Friday 23rd July 1841. In 1837 he had been admitted to the High Beach Asylum in […]

Will this stop people fixing the vote?

It was on Thursday 18th July 1872 that the Royal Assent was given to the ‘Parliamentary and Municipal Elections (Ballot) Bill’. Put simply – from now on each individual vote would be cast in secret. This was a fundamental change to an age old process. No longer would those entitled to vote have to identify […]

A man named Henry McCarty – and known as Billy

For most of those reading this there may be the thought ‘Who’s he?’ or ‘So what?’  For men of a certain age – and maybe some ladies – the outlaw Billy the Kid was a part of our youth – part of a time when young boys would have great fun playing cowboys and watching […]

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships began

As we watch tennis last week and this, let’s think back to Sunday 9th July 1877 when the first games were played for the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship. The ‘All England Croquet & Lawn Tennis Club’ had been founded in July 1868, as the All England Croquet Club.  Lawn tennis was introduced in February 1875 […]

Red Flag Day for Cars

I suspect that many of you reading the following story will have experienced a similar situation – or even committed it – travelling quicker than you should do on a public road. In the 19th century Britain posted many Acts as life changed – the Locomotives on Highways Act in 1861; the Locomotive Act in […]

The comings and goings on July 4th over the years – recorded in a snippet

1761 – the English novelist, Samuel Richardson and author of ‘Pamela’ and ‘Clarissa’ passes away at Parson’s Green, Middlesex. 1776 – America’s Declaration of Independence adopted – more of this later. 1829 – in England the first regular scheduled bus service was introduced in London by George Shillibeer 1900 – Louis Armstrong entered this world […]