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John Clare comes home

John Clare – the Helpston poet – appears to have had little direct involvement with the nearby Peterborough apart from a brief time with the Militia at Norman Cross. However, he does make passage through Peterborough on this day Friday 23rd July 1841. In 1837 he had been admitted to the High Beach Asylum in […]

Queen Victoria, Manchester and a Ship Canal

It was in October 1851that Manchester first welcomed Queen Victoria to the region – the first monarch for 150 or so years – and both Manchester and Salford went to great lengths to host a memorable event. The escort for the royal party included a Guard of Honour of the Yeoman Cavalry who accompanied them […]

Some Union Workhouse Minutes for 20th May 1840

Virtually all of the stories I post are linked to events from times gone by.  Today’s story takes us back 177 years to extracts from the Union Workhouse Minutes of the day for the town of Stamford in eastern England.  These stories are taken from actual events and with these brief records we get a […]

A Day in the Workhouse

Britain’s Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834 was passed by Parliament and was designed to reduce the cost of looking after the poor as it stopped money going to poor people except in exceptional circumstances. Now if people wanted help they had to go into a workhouse to get it. The new Poor Law ensured […]