It is Sunday 31st July 1910 and tomorrow the newspapers will be full of a story

The story will be that, on this Sunday, the murderer Dr Crippen had been caught. The Hull Daily Mail was typical: THE TRIUMPH OF “WIRELESS” is its headline.

It goes on: ‘Crippen has been tracked down and caught. And the method of his capture has provided the world with a rare sensation! While Crippen was crossing the Atlantic with his lady – a typist disguised as a boy – all the world, through its newspapers, was watching the net being closed round him. He and his companion, and their fellow passengers, were alone ignorant. The captain of the ship and the police authorities were able, for once, to move in silence and mystery. They were able to “censor” all incoming and outgoing messages, and the result was that the “drama” moved to its close with a smoothness and celerity that has aroused world-wide interest and admiration.

Crippen says that he suspected something from the number of messages passing on the wireless apparatus, and after a second interview with Inspector Dew he fell into a sound sleep after the strain of the last fortnight. With his companion there will be sympathy. It is difficult to believe that she has had any part in the crime.

Whether this is or not will appear in due course. She has, in any case, suffered severely from her connection with the man. The extradition will be quickly accomplished and the truth of the charges inquired into. The fact of flight should not prejudice either party.

The evidence will, from the circumstances, have to be circumstantial, but the parties need not fear having a fair trial. One can only hope that it will not be prolonged, for the imagination of the public has been quite sufficiently engaged as it is with what, whoever has been the culprit, is a ghastly tale of blood.’


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