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It is Sunday 31st July 1910 and tomorrow the newspapers will be full of a story

The story will be that, on this Sunday, the murderer Dr Crippen had been caught. The Hull Daily Mail was typical: THE TRIUMPH OF “WIRELESS” is its headline. It goes on: ‘Crippen has been tracked down and caught. And the method of his capture has provided the world with a rare sensation! While Crippen was […]

The Boy Scout movement begins

It was on Monday 29th July 1907 that the Boy Scout movement began with an experimental camp being held on Brownsea Island near Poole in Dorset by Robert Baden-Powell.  His aim was to try out some of his ideas – ideas that were to become the basic principles and activities of the Scout movement. His […]

John Knill and St. James’s Day

‘Till St. James’s Day be come and gone, you may have hops or you may have none.’ John Knill was an articled clerk to a solicitor in Penzance and was a Collector of Customs at St. Ives between 1762 and 1782.  He was also Mayor of the town in 1767. He was a well-respected citizen […]

Music tells us stories as conflicts begin

The years 1939 & 1940 are difficult to really put together in our story.  Britain was at war – the USA stood out of it.  On 31st August in Britain many civilians were evacuated from London while, in the USA, Bing Crosby was the leading figure of the ‘Crooner’ sound and was on his way […]

It’s Monday 22nd July 1946 and Bread is now rationed in Britain

This was the first day after the introduction of bread rationing in Britain. The country had been told that the ration would be on a varying scale for differing types of workers and for children of different ages. For the ordinary adult it would be nine ounces of bread per person per day, part of […]

The ‘Mary Rose’ sails no more

Sunday 19th July 1545 was the day that the Mary Rose, flagship of King Henry VIII’s fleet, sank off Portsmouth 34 years after coming into service.   In 1971 the wreck was located, raised and is now a museum that attracts visitors from across the world. The actual reason why she sank remains a matter for […]

The British Prime Minister; a German Chancellor and a USA Ambassador in the background while we listen to music!

We now read and write today in the year 2018 – but for today I want to take you back 80 years to the year 1938 and see what was happening in Britain. On 17th January 1938 Joseph P Kennedy had been appointed United States Ambassador to the UK while, on 20th February, Anthony Eden […]