Let’s take a test

It was in 1903 under the ‘Motor Car Act’  that Britten’s Driving Licenses were introduced.  Whilst these drivers had to have a driving licence, they were not required to prove that they could drive!  That wasn’t too bad, though, because there weren’t too many drivers around.

However, as more and more were out on the roads – and quite a few were involved in some sort of collision or other – it was on Monday 26th March 1934 that a new rule came into force in Great Britain – it was called the ‘Road Traffic Act’.  This required that all then present drivers, and new drivers of cars, had to take – and pass – a specific test.

I remember my father telling me that his father – my grand-dad – never got round to proving his driving skills until after the Second World War was over!  That’s not quite as bad as it may seem because Grand-Dad was a controller on the railways {an important duty} and testing and proving your driving skills was suspended during the Second World War – and again during the Sues crisis in 1956.

Do I fit into this?  Yes – sort of – my mum delivered me 9 months after my dad came back briefly from conflict in North Africa; my Nan looked after me a lot while mum was working and, after the war was over I had fun playing on the railways where Grand-Dad and family lived!

Some stories from this last paragraph may well appear sometime soon!




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