Tributes from England and beyond

The Daily Mail of 11th February has three pieces to the Editor:

The first is  ‘A French tribute’ from A. Caffin from the Rue de Chaligny in Paris:   ‘Sir – ‘It is with sad emotion that we French of the 1939-45 war have learned of the death of his Majesty King George.  We cannot forget the aid your King rendered us.  He achieved, in his greatness as well as his simplicity, that kind of sympathy which never ceases to grow in our hearts.  I had many friends in the British Army.  And that is why I wished to write to you.  Perhaps it will be through you that they will learn – and it would make me happy – how we all feel, here in France, having been brothers-in-arms now for many years.  We share in your grief and make it our own.  We would wish – others than by words – to assure the Royal Family of our deep sympathy – and our eyes then turn to your new Queen on whome we set great hopes.   God Save the Queen!’

The second is from the Principal and Tutor of Gravelly Hill College, Birmingham 23:
‘How faithfully, how touchingly, the royal portrait on your front page of Queen Elizabeth returning home expresses the sorrow, dignity and  determination of Britain in her hour of mourning.  May the selfless devotion to duty shown forth by the Royal Family be guide and inspiration to us all!  Dreams of prosperity and peace may then become possible to realization.

The third came from an ex-C.P.O. from Upton Road in Torquay:
‘The older generation, and especially the Royal Navy, will remember his Majesty for his unswerving devotion to duty and his determination to master – as in every other subject during his life – the difficulties of his early days of training in gunnery and seamanship.
No other King could have been known personally by so many people.  With his passing we have not only lost another shipmate, but also a personal friend.



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