The King begins his final journey

The front page of the Daily Mail newspaper of Monday 11th February 1952 has as its headline:

Royal Family Will Attend Private Service at Sandringham First.
Forty Stations to Close as Funeral Train Passes

The King’s coffin will be brought from Sandringham to London today on the first stage of its final journey.  The funeral train is due at No. 1 platform at King’s Cross at 2.45 p.m.

The Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Gloucester will walk behind the gun-carriage bearing the coffin from the Church of St. Mary Magdalene to Wolferton Station and from King’s Cross to Westminster Hall.

The Queen, the Queen Mother, and Princess Margaret will go by car from King’s Cross to Buckingham Palace.  When the procession nears Westminster they will drive to Westminster Hall for the memorial service round the catafalque, which both Houses of Parliament will attend.


On page 2 of this newspaper is a piece by Sir Charles Petrie headlined: ‘A famous historian looks back to the birth of the Victorian era, to the last time when England had – A Young Queen and an Elder Statesman.’  Here is not the place/time to record and discuss it but I’ll come back to it in due time.


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