The Friendly King and the new Queen

Described as ‘Reveille for the Weekend’ for February 8, 9, 10, 1952’ and claiming to be ‘Britain’s all-family Weekly Newspaper’ we have a slightly different stance of the events.  On the front page we have:

The Friendly King: ‘Reveille’ joins in the universal grief felt at the death of King George VI.  The nation is still stunned at the news, and we know all our readers will be with us when we express our deep and sincere sympathy with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Queen Mary, Princess Margaret and all the Royal family.

Never has there been a King who knew his people so well as George VI did, who was a real friend to them, who was in touch so closely with modern life, who was in every sense a real Citizen as well as a Royal Sovereign. 

To the new Queen the people of Britain, of the Dominions, and the Colonies will offer a true, deep-hearted and affectionate loyalty.  For she will carry on the great tradition of British queens who have made their mark on history, and who are numbered among the Queens we have loved.

Here follows references to Queen Mary 1; Queen Elizabeth 1; Queen Mary 2; Queen Anne and Queen Victoria.  I think we’ll leave these for another day,





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