London’s Evening Standard of Saturday 19th October 1861 tells us:

The more I look at newspapers of the past, the more fascinating I find them. Take, for instance, page 5 of this Saturday’s London Evening Standard (some wording has been altered to make modern sense):

Column 1 – This day’s Police report comes from Marlborough Street and reports a SALE-ROOM ROBBERY:
Thomas John Jackson, an elderly man, a frequenter of auctions, was charged before Mr. Tyrwhitt with stealing a time piece, value £2, from the sale rooms, 43, Rathbone Place, the property of Mr. George Richards, the auctioneer. Sergeant Shanley deposed that he saw the prisoner leave the rooms about half-past seven the evening before and, perceiving he had something concealed under his coat, he questioned him. Prisoner said it was a time-piece he had bought. Sergeant Shanley knew this to be false as nothing of the sort had been sold, and the sale had only been on a quarter of an hour. He told the prisoner he must return and see the clerk. He replied “All right,” and did so: the timepiece found on him was produced and was declared to be stolen. At the station he was found to have on him 58 duplicates of clocks, umbrellas, and other property.
The Prisoner stated that – All the property of bona fine sales, sir.
The Sergeant said he doubted that. Several clocks had been purloined lately from the same rooms.
Mr Richards identified the timepiece as seen safe in his rooms not long before. Jackson was remanded for a week.

We also have all the world’s news reported for the country that ‘rules’ much of the world. In column 5 we find: THIS DAY’S TELEGRAMS: ‘The following telegrams have been received at Mr. Reuter’s office today’:-

PARIS, SATURDAY: The Moniteur of to-day announces that the Courrier des Alpes and Journal de Rennes have received a first warning. (The misdemeanours are not recorded)

VICTOR EMMANUEL, TURIN, SATURDAY: The report that the King of Italy is about to proceed to Naples is incorrect.

AUSTRIA, VIENNA, SATURDAY: An Imperial patent has been published to-day, ordering the collection of the direct taxes in a similar manner to last year, with the reservation, however, that any changes in the taxation which may be necessitated by circumstances shall be constitutionally effected.

MEXICO – ALLEGED INTERVENTION: The Correspondencia Autografa of today says Spain, France, and England will dispatch a joint expedition to Mexico; but Spain will make a direct demand for satisfaction for the personal insults she has received.

BATTLE BETWEEN THE TURKS AND MONTENEGRINS, Ragusa, Friday: A Turkish war bulletin announces that a battle has been fought on the frontier of Montenegro between the Turks and 3000 insurgents and Montenegrins, resulting in the defeat and pursuit of the latter. The Turkish dispatch adds that the Montenegrin frontier was respected, but the Montenegrins, on the contrary, state it was violated by the Turks.

There is also a long piece describing the Coronation of the King of Prussia but we’ll leave that alone.


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