That was some music that was

Are you of the age to remember Frankie Laine and the hit record ‘I Believe’?  Well I am!

Britain’s hit parade record charts began in November 1952 and on Friday 21st August 1953 the record at the number one spot was ‘I Believe’ by Frankie Laine. ‘So?’ you may ask. Well, for a start, it was its third return to the top spot!
‘I Believe’ had first hit the number one spot in Britain on 24th April and stayed there for nine weeks before Eddie Fisher’s pushed him out with ‘I’m Walking Behind You’. He last one week there and was then pushed aside by ‘I Believe’ which stayed in situ for six more weeks. On 14th August Mantovani & his Orchestra butted in with the theme from ‘Moulin Rouge’.  Guess what happened next – that’s right Frankie came back for another three weeks of ‘I Believe’! It had been Number One for 18 weeks out of 20 weeks – something that has never been matched.

Just in passing – Frankie would have two more number ones before the year was out – ‘Hey Joe’ for 2 weeks in October and ‘Answer Me’ for 8 weeks in November.


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