The First Radio Disc Jockey

On Thursday 7th July 1927 Christopher Stone became England’s first radio disc jockey with his Record Round-up programme on BBC Radio from Savoy Hill. Educated at Eton, Stone later served in the Royal Fusiliers. In 1906 he had published a book of Sea Songs and Ballads and in 1923 had written the history of his old regiment. He became the London editor of The Gramophone, a magazine started by his brother-in-law Compton Mackenzie. From this base he approached the BBC with an idea for a record programme. Their first response was to dismiss the idea but Stone was determined and finally convinced them that it was a worthwhile idea.  It was on this Thursday that he started playing records on air.

His relaxed, conversational style was exceptional at a time when most of the BBC’s presentation was extremely formal, and his programmes became highly popular as a result. He ‘conformed’ to the rules though in that he wore a dinner jacket and tie when he presented! Don’t forget though that he’s on the radio! In 1934 he was attracted away from the BBC and joined the commercial station Radio Luxembourg at a salary of £5,000 a year – a considerable sum at that time




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