Britain’s apology doesn’t make everyone happy.

Two days later on Friday 11th May 1956 it was reported that the British had apologized to Russia over the incident of Frogman Crabb.  A note from the Foreign Office said that the frogman who had been discovered swimming between the Soviet destroyers was, in all probability Commander Crabb.  “As has already been publically reported”, stated the note to the Soviet Union, “Commander Crabb carried out frogman tests, and as is assumed, lost his life during these tests.  The frogman who was reported to the Soviet Note and was seen from the Soviet ships swimming between the Soviet destroyers, was in all probability Commander Crabb.  His presence in the vicinity of the destroyers occurred without any permission whatsoever and Her Majesty’s Government express their regret for this incident”.

One Russian at least was not satisfied with the British apology.  Admiral Kotov, the commander of the Russian that had taken Marshall Bulganin and Mr. Kruschev to Britain, said in Moscow that he did not believe the claim that Crabb’s ‘submarine espionage’ was unauthorized by the British.

Soon after that apology to the Russians, three junior of a department of British Intelligence were transferred to other units and, with that move the case of ‘Buster’ Crabb was officially considered to be closed.

But was it??

You’ll just have to wait and see!!


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