It’s February and still the snow remains

The snow that started falling in December 1946 carried on through into  January 1947 and now – in February – it remains to chill us to the bone.  The easterly winds continue and the month will develope into one of the coldest months on record. At the Kew Observator there will be no recorded temperature above 5 deg cent/41 degree F. In fact in the whole month there are only 2 nights when Kew records a temperature above freezing! Daylight’s not a lot better because in the 20 days after 2nd February Kew see’s no sun what-so-ever!

Throughout the whole month the weather causes many problems.  On 20th February the ferry service between Dover and Ostend is suspended due to pack-ice off the Belgian coast. On 25th Woburn (Bedfordshire) recorded a temperature of minus 21C / minus 6F.  The snow trapped some 750,000 railway wagons of coal – and roads were unusable.  We all got cold!

We lived in the country with many farms close by.  All suffered.  One thing I remember from this time was dad complaining that we had no potatoes!  As I’ve been researching the stories of this time I can see why.  Notes record that over 70,000 tons of potatoes were destroyed and what were available were rationed for the first time.  Fortunately our village baker seemed to cope and we got enough bread to fill the gap!

We’ll have to hope that March 1947 is better!


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