Aladdin’s Cave at the Sale-Room

The Daily Sketch newspaper was launched in 1909 and ran until 11th May 1971.  I have a selected copy of Monday 6th Februry 1928 – well it’s actually a photocopy of a few tatty pages – and has some interesting stories and attitudes of the time.

Beneath the title of the above we have a discription:

Marie-Antoinette’s Gems in Brilliant Collection

Precious stones, said to have belonged to Queen Marie Antoinette will figure in a notable jewel sale at Christie’s on Wednesday. These stones, which are the property of Sir Godfrey Baring, are rubies and diamonds, and have been made up into a tiara and a necklace, each of unusually attractive design.  The two pieces will be offered separately.

Many other costly gems – including hundreds of pearls – will be offered at this sale, the catalogue of which might have served as an inventory of Aladdin’s Cave.  There are twelve pearl necklace necklaces, including one of seven rows; composed of 799 graduated pearls, with ruby and diamond clasp.  There is also a three-row pearl necklace composed of 287 graduated pearls, with oblong diamond clasp,

There are also three pearl ropes, one comprising 180 pearls with oval clasp of pearls and brilliants; a silver snake bracelet set with opals and emeralds; diamond pendants, rings, and brooches;  a necklace of emerald green jade; and earstuds of black pearl and diamond clusters.

What I have not been able to check so-far is ‘what was sold and how much did it bring!  I’ll let you know if I find out.


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