The revival of my postings


After a rather quiet 2016 I’m intending to get back on track with my two blogs in 2017.  You will have seen – I hope! – the posting on 30th November last year under the heading ‘The Writer Returns’.   These all tell factual stories and since that start there have been 18 posts with 2 more loaded – 14th & 21st January – and waiting their turn.

What you may not be aware of is my other blog ‘beejaytellingstories’.   That ‘died’ in March 2016 and came back to life again in December.  The postings on this blog are mainly fictional or semi-fictional stories.  Since its revival there has been the completed story in 10 or so parts of ‘Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs 2016 style’ and, still posting, ‘The story of Juan Jaime Domenech’.  Both were posted in 2015 but have ‘modifications’!

Have a look – it costs you nothing!

Brian J



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