This was a Dandy surprise

It was on Saturday 4th December 1937 that the very first issue of a new comic appeared on the streets of Britain.  It was called The Dandy Comic!

There were, and had been, lots of comics available in Britain but this one had something different: this one used speech balloons to tell the story instead of captions under the frames of the story images.  In 1938, less than a year after the comic’s debut, The Dandy Monster comic was launched as an annual bumper edition of the comic.  Soon after this was renamed the Dandy Annual and has been published every year ever since.

In July 1938 The Beano was launched as a competitor and both were published weekly until Saturday 6th September 1941, when wartime paper shortages forced them to change to fortnightly – The Dandy one week, The Beano the next. Both comics returned to weekly publication on Saturday 30th July 1949.

From Monday 17th July 1950 the Dandy Comic changed its name to simply The Dandy.




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