The answers from last week and five more questions for this week

Hello – I hope you enjoyed the first posting in our Tudor story.  Before we go on to pose some more questions let’s deal with the answers to last week’s questions first:

  1.  There was a war called ‘The War of the Roses’ during the Tudor eraThis is true: Henry Tudor was a Lancastrian who fought and defeated King Richard III of York at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1484.  You may have heard about this on various radio and television programmes.  I think there were a few references in the newspapers etc as well.  The Lancaster forces wore a Red Rose while the Yorkist symbol was a White Rose.  Henry Tudor joined them together to make the Tudor Rose.
  2. There were a total of 6 Tudor Kings & Queens during the time of the Tudors.  This is false: – there were 5.  These were: Henry VII – Henry VIII – Edward VI – Mary Tudor – Elizabeth I.
  3. Henry the 8th [Henry VIII] owned 50 palaces. There is no need to name them all – but if you disagree with 50 – how many do you think he had.  This is also false.  Henry actually owned 55 but I’m not going to list them here.  What I will record, though, is that for one of his palaces he actually had a whole village – Cuddington in Surrey – flattened so that he could build an extra big one.  It was called ‘Nonsuch’.
  4. King Edward VI was 9 years old when he became KingThis is true – however he was actually too young to rule so ministers ruled for him under the Protector – the Earl of Somerset.  William Cecil was Somerset’s secretary.  King Edward was just 15 when he died.
  5. During the Tudor period England had a 16 year old girl as QueenThis is true.  Lady Jane Grey was crowned Queen following the death of Edward.  It was not a role that she wanted – Mary Tudor should have been the next Queen.  Mary travelled to London with significant levels of support.  Queen Jane was taken to the Tower of London together with many of her supported.  Jane was executed aged 17

 So what questions can we post for next week’s True or False?

6. Henry VIII had six wives – and half of them were executed.

7. During the reign of Henry VIII some 50,000 beggars were hanged.

8. Mary Tudor was thought cruel because she had many people executed.

9. Queen Elizabeth never married.

and to finish off this week’s list

10. Wealthy Tudors preferred to eat fruit and vegatables at their table.

Have fun with these and let’s meet again on Friday 6th May – or later if you are busy!



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