England’s Tudor facts – True or False

I hope you had fun with Conundrums for Fun.  It’s now run its path – the last five answers were posted last Wednesday 27th April.  I don’t want you to now sit twiddling your fingers and mind-sets so I thought you might like a simple (!) alternative. It is based on various happenings in England during the time of the Tudors – 1485 to 1603.

There are 20 in all that will be published over the next 4 weeks starting today Friday 29th April.  All I would like you to do is say whether the statement I post is true or false and then add a few words to confirm your answer.  The answers to the first five will be posted on 6th May along with the five more True or False.

So here goes:

  1.  There was a war called ‘The War of the Roses’ during the Tudor era.
  2. There were a total of 6 Tudor Kings & Queens during the time of the Tudors
  3. Henry the 8th [Henry VIII] owned 50 palaces. There is no need to name them all – but if you disagree with 50 – how many do you think he had?
  4. King Edward VI was 9 years old when he became King.
  5. During the Tudor period England had a 16 year old girl as Queen.

That’s it for for this puzzel!

Have fun.




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