Conundrums for Fun 12 – the answers

Here we are at the end of the trip.  I hope you have found them fun.  Please keep checking into this blog – there are quite a lot of interesting things in the pipeline.

Now comes the very last set of answers. What you have to remember is that I found these on a newspaper cutting – probably one from the Kettering area – dated 22nd December 1886.

  1. Why is a list of musical composers like a saucepan? ….. Because it is incomplete without a Handel.
  2. When is a door not a door? ….. When it is a jar.  Oh, no: that answer belongs to the first decade of the last century.  Nowadays a door is not a door when it is a negress (an egress)
  3. What is the best thing to take before singing? ….. Breath.
  4. If a deaf and dumb couple got married why should they be supremely happy? …..  Because their bliss would be unspeakable.
  5. Why was Goliath very much astonished when David hit him with a stone? ….. Because such a thing never entered his head before.

Thanks for taking part in this bit of fun.  I hope you got these last 5 right.  If you feel up to it why not drop me a line telling me how many you got right or wrong.  I won’t tell anyone – I promise!

Keep watching for other ‘strange’ bits.



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