Conundrums for fun 12th and last time

Yes, I’m afraid so, this is the last conundrum challenge – though you’ll have to wait until next week for the answers!

But in the meantime – here are the answers from last weeks conundrums

51.  Why is kissing your sweetheart like eating soup with a fork? ….. Because it takes a long time to get enough of it!

52.  Tom went out, and his dog went with him; he did not go before it, nor behind it, nor on one side of it; then where did he go? ….. On the other side.

53.  Why are young ladies, at the breaking up of a party, like arrows? ….. Because they can’t go off without a beau, and they are all of a quiver until they get one.

54.  Why is Canada like courtship? ….. Because it borders on the United States.

55.  What flower most resembles a bull’s mouth? ….. A cow’s-lip.

And now, I am afraid, we come to the last five conundrums:

56.  Why is a list of musical composers like a saucepan?

57.  When is a door not a door?

58.  What is the best thing to take before singing?

59.  If a deaf and dumb couple got married why should they be supremely happy?

60.  Why was Goliath very much astonished when David hit him with a stone?

That’s it – that’s the lot of the fun apart from one more thing …….. getting the last answers next week!

‘See’ you then



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