Conundrums for Fun 11

Let’s start off with a look at last post’s ‘answers’:

46.  Why is a person who never lays a wager as bad as a regular gambler? ….. Because he is no better.

47.  When is a ship like a scarf pin? ….. When it is on the bosom of a heavy swell.

48.  Why is a vain young lady like a confirmed drunkard? ….. Because neither of them is satisfied with the moderate use of the glass.

49.  When may young ladies be said to be economical? ….. When they resort to tight-lacing to prevent waist-fulness!

50.  When does a hungry wife find her husband most agreeable? ….. When he is crusty.

Some interesting answers there.  Did you get FIVE?   You didn’t?! – never mind – let’s see how you do with this next set of five:-

51.  Why is kissing your sweetheart like eating soup with a fork?

52.  Tom went out, and his dog went with him; he did not go before it, nor behind it, nor on one side of it; then where did he go?

53.  Why are young ladies, at the breaking up of a party, like arrows?

54.  Why is Canada like courtship?

55.  What flower most resembles a bull’s mouth?


Well that, I’m afraid, concludes the last posting but one of these conundrums.  So, until next week – have fun and see if you can get five out of five.





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