Conundrums for Fun 10

Let’s see how things went with last week’s conundrums …….

41. Why is the new moon like a giddy girl? ….. Because she is too young to shew much reflection.
42. What invitation would be dangerous and disloyal to a soldier? ….. Asking him to dinner and dessert.
43. Why are most medical men dressed in black? ….. Because they are chiefly occupied in preparing grave subjects
44. What word is always pronounces wrongly even by the best scholars? ….. Wrongly
45. Why are men who are found in the street, full of liquor, taken to the station house? ….. To give their friends a chance to bail (bale) them out.

Get all five right?  Well done
Missed out on one or two?  Don’t worry here’s another five to have a go at…

46.  Why is a person who never lays a wager as bad as a regular gambler?

47.  When is a ship like a scarf pin?

48.  Why is a vain young lady like a confirmed drunkard?

49.  When may young ladies be said to be economical?

50.  When does a hungry wife fird her husband most agreeable?


That’s the end of this week’s challenge.  Just two more weeks of challenging conundrums to come – so hang on in there.




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