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England’s Tudor facts – True or False

I hope you had fun with Conundrums for Fun.  It’s now run its path – the last five answers were posted last Wednesday 27th April.  I don’t want you to now sit twiddling your fingers and mind-sets so I thought you might like a simple (!) alternative. It is based on various happenings in England […]

Conundrums for Fun 12 – the answers

Here we are at the end of the trip.  I hope you have found them fun.  Please keep checking into this blog – there are quite a lot of interesting things in the pipeline. Now comes the very last set of answers. What you have to remember is that I found these on a newspaper […]

Good thoughts on this Friday

I thought we’d have advice from some well known names this week: Oscar Wilde is recorded as saying: ‘Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes’  Lord Byron said of one person: ‘I wish he would explain his explanation.’  How many of us have experienced that situation? Another significant person – Albert Einstein – […]

Conundrums for fun 12th and last time

Yes, I’m afraid so, this is the last conundrum challenge – though you’ll have to wait until next week for the answers! But in the meantime – here are the answers from last weeks conundrums 51.  Why is kissing your sweetheart like eating soup with a fork? ….. Because it takes a long time to […]

Good thoughts for a Friday

Four thoughts with no name and one with a very special name: ‘The most dangerous managers are those with a vivid imagination and weak nerves.’  I remember having one just like that. ‘More wisdom is needed to profit from good advice than to give it.’ ‘The greatest motivator is being shown confidence and trust.’  I […]

Conundrums for Fun 11

Let’s start off with a look at last post’s ‘answers’: 46.  Why is a person who never lays a wager as bad as a regular gambler? ….. Because he is no better. 47.  When is a ship like a scarf pin? ….. When it is on the bosom of a heavy swell. 48.  Why is […]

The story of a Little Boy Blue

A few days ago we fetched some things from our loft to deal with as appropriate.  This morning I sat going through one box of books.  In it I found two loose pieces of paper – well three actually, one was a single page and the other was two pages.  I read them both.  The […]