Conundrums for Fun 9

As usual – let’s see how you got one with last week’s little collection – but before we start I just want to remind you that these little questions date back to 22nd December 1886 and what you see now is exactly as was written then; in other words ‘the spellings are theirs NOT mine!  So let’s have a look at last week’s answers:

  1. What is that which everybody wishes for and yet trys to get rid of? ….. A good appetite
  2. When will the alphabet have only 25 letters? ….. When you and I are made one.
  3. Why is a grain of sand in the eye like a schoolmaster’s cane? ….. Because it hurts the pupil.
  4. Why might carpenters believe there is no such thing as stone? ….. Because they never saw it.
  5. Why is a thief your only true philosopher? ….. Because he regards everything from an abstract point of view, is opposed to notions of protection, and is open to conviction.

And this week’s new challenges are:-

41.  Why is the new moon like a giddy girl?

42.  What invitation would be dangerous and disloyal to a soldier?

43.  Why are most medical men dressed in black?

44.  What word is always pronounces wrongly even by the best schilars?

45.  Why are men who are found in the street, full of liquor, taken to the station house?

That’s the lot for this week.  Have fun.



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