Conundrums for Fun 8

Many years ago, when I was at school, I had a maths teacher that would come into our room; place his case on his high desk; open his case and take out some books; close the case and place it on the floor then sit behind his high desk. He did not say a word through all of this. He then opened a folder, look at that then look at us and say ‘Five questions’. These then followed in about 10 second intervals.  Having completed the questioning he would go through the answers at the same rate – one answer after another.  Something like this….

31.  What is the most useful thing in the long run? ….. Breath

32.  When are stockings like dead men? ….. When they are men-ded; when their soles are departed; when they are past heelong; when they are no longer on their last legs.

33.  If your sister should fall into a deep well, why couldn’t rescue her? ….. Because you could not be a brother and assist her (a sister) both at the same time, or even at different times.

34.  When is a cat like a teapot? ….. When you are teasin’ it.

35.  Why is the assessor of taxes the best man in the world? ….. Because he never under-rates anybody.

My maths teacher would now look at us and ask: Five right?  More than three right?

I’ll leave to consider that while I pass on today’s five questions:

36.  What is that which everybody wishes for and yet trys to get rid of?

37.  When will the alphabet have only 25 letters?

38.  Why is a grain of sand in the eye like a schoolmaster’s cane?

39.  Why might carpenters believe there is no such thing as stone?

40.  Why is a thief your only true philosopher?

Here ends this session.  Answers and more qustions will be placed before you in one week’s time – all being well!

Brian J



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