Conundrums for Fun 7

How did it go last week?  Do you think you got them all correct?  Well let’s see…..

26.  When is a woman to be treated with especial reverence? ….. When she is a little cross.

27.  When is iron the most ironical? ….. When its a railing.

28.  Why is it that summer goes so quickly? ….. Because there is so often an evening mist.

29.  Why is the figure nine like a peacock? ….. Because it is “nothing” without its tail.

30.  When are eyes not eyes? ….. When the wind makes them water.


How’d you do?  Get four or less and you’ll have to try harder; if you got five all correct then I’ll have to try harder!

31.  What is the most useful thing in the long run?

32.  When are stockings like dead men?

33.  If your sister should fall into a deep well, why couldn’t rescue her?

34.  When is a cat like a teapot?

35.  Why is the assessor of taxes the best man in the world?


Have fun with these and we’ll see how you got on next week.

Have a friend you think would like these little ‘games’?  Why not tell them about this weekly challenge.  It costs you nothing; it costs them nothing; and it costs me nothing.  They could try just one set – and drop the idea and run off somewhere to hide.  But – they could be ‘sensible’ and expose themselves to next week’s challenge just like you!

‘See’ you in seven days.



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