Conundrums for fun 6

How did you get on with last week’s set?  Let’s see if you hit 5 out of five:

  1. Why is a psychological romance like the train of a celebrated actress? ….. Because its a tale (tail) of mystery (Miss Terry – a famous actress of the time)
  2. When are ladies like telegrams? ….. When their intelligence is in advance of the males (mails).
  3. What will give a cold, cure a cold, and pay the doctor? (remember this is 1886) …..  Draught
  4. When is a chair treated spitefully? ….. When you have it caned simply because it cannot bear you.
  5. Of what mountain range do the Muses remind you? ….. The ‘appy nine


Right let’s get on with the next five conundtums:

26.  When is a woman to be treated with especial reverence?

27.  When is iron the most ironical?

28.  Why is it that summer goes so quickly?

29.  Why is the figure nine like a peacock?

30.  When are eyes not eyes?

That’s the lot for today.  Have fun.  We are now half way through the list – just another six weeks if you can stand it!





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