Conundrums for Fun 5

Welcome to set 5 of the conundrum challenge.  First, though, let’s see how you did on set 4.  These are the answers:

16.  What sort of chair can you name in two letters? ….. EC  (easy)

17.  What is the difference between a really beautiful girl and a wasp-waisted figure in a fashion plate? …..  One we regard as a fair maiden, and the other we regard as a very badly made ‘un.

18.  Why can a female teetotaler use only external remedies for sickness? ….. Because all other remedies would be taken in cyder. (inside her).

19.  Why is Jamaica on holiday like a bandy-leggeded man? ….. Because you see the negroes out. (the knee grows out)  Remember these conundrums were written in 1886.

20.  What is the difference between the Gibeonites and bedroom belongings? ….. The former were hewers of wood and drawers of water; the latter are ewers of water and drawers of wood.


This weeks conundrums are

21.  Why is a psychological romance like the train of a celebrated actress?

22.  When are ladies like telegrams?

23.  What will give a cold, cure a cold, and pay the doctor? (remember this is 1886)

24.  When is a chair treated spitefully?

25.  Of what mountain range do the Muses remind you?

That’s the end for this week.  See you this time, this place next week?



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