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Conundrums for Fun 9

As usual – let’s see how you got one with last week’s little collection – but before we start I just want to remind you that these little questions date back to 22nd December 1886 and what you see now is exactly as was written then; in other words ‘the spellings are theirs NOT mine!  […]

A few more thoughts

‘If you wish to convince an opponent you must show him the best and most noble traits in his character.’        Mahatma Gandhi Napoleon tells us, and he should know, that ‘Reconnaissance is never wasted’ Some anonymous thoughts: ‘Any fool can criticise – and most do.’ ‘Long-term success is ensured only by knowing how success was […]

Conundrums for Fun 8

Many years ago, when I was at school, I had a maths teacher that would come into our room; place his case on his high desk; open his case and take out some books; close the case and place it on the floor then sit behind his high desk. He did not say a word […]

Time for some more good thoughts

A thought for the week:  ‘There are always two sides to every question.  But when you see that there are three sides to the question, the – and only then – are you starting to get to grips with the problem.‘             Anon Jay Huenfeld says – ‘Most men recognise a business opportunity only when it […]

Conundrums for Fun 7

How did it go last week?  Do you think you got them all correct?  Well let’s see….. 26.  When is a woman to be treated with especial reverence? ….. When she is a little cross. 27.  When is iron the most ironical? ….. When its a railing. 28.  Why is it that summer goes so […]

The Kiplingcotes Derby

The 3rd Thursday in March every year – so this year on Thursday 17th March 2016 – sees the Kiplingcotes Derby takes place at a small hamlet close to Market Weighton in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It has firm records dating back to 1618 with an endowment being given in 1619. However, it reputedly […]

Conundrums for fun 6

How did you get on with last week’s set?  Let’s see if you hit 5 out of five: Why is a psychological romance like the train of a celebrated actress? ….. Because its a tale (tail) of mystery (Miss Terry – a famous actress of the time) When are ladies like telegrams? ….. When their […]