Conundrums for fun 4

Welcome to week 4 of these 19th century conundrums
So how did last week’s challenges go?
Here are the answers

  1. Why is a penny trumpet like an inexpensive repast? ….. Because it’s a cheap dinner.
  2. Does an angel have one wing or two?….. That is a mere matter of opinion (a pinion)
  3. London was in flames what would put the fire out? ….. No one reel and hose.  (really knows).
  4. If you caught sight of a fishing boat at sea, why would the experience be a painful one? …..  Because you would probably have a “smack” in your eye.
  5. With what song would you advertise a cure for deafness? ….. “Come back to Erin”. (‘earin’)

How did you do?  Five right is great; actually having a go is pretty good.  But whatever …. let’s have a look at the next five:

16.  What sort of chair can you name in two letters?

17.  What is the difference between a really beautiful girl and a wasp-waisted figure in a fashion plate?

18.  Why can a female teetotaler use only external remedies for sickness?

19.  Why is Jamaica on holiday like a bandy-leggeded man?

20.  What is the difference between the Gibeonites and bedroom belongings?

As usual – have fun!!!!!!


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