Four more good thoughts

I hope you find these little tid-bits interesting. Please feel free to post comments and/or thoughts that you have that you feel would fit in here.

Here are four for today:

The statement that ‘Reconnaissance is never wasted’ is as true today as it was when Napoleon said it.

Equally valid is Benjamin Disraeli’s thought that ‘The secret of success is first knowing the objective.’

This is something very different but it really sums up the belt/bracies/hands-in-the-pocket of the present day.  An instruction on a new hairdrier tells the new owner: ‘Never use while sleeping’!

Let’s close today’s little set with a comment from Albert Einstein: ‘Few people are able to voice opinions which run counter to the views generally held by others around them: indeed, the majority of people are incapable even of forming such opinions’.

More soon.


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