Conundrums for Fun 3

So how did you get on with last week’s challenge?   These are the answers:

6.  Why is a convent like an empty house? ……… Because it is a nun inhabited place.

7.  Why did Quintus Curtius jump into the gulf in the Forum? …… Because he thought it was a fine opening for a young man.

8.  Why is the sun like an Irish marauder? ……… Because he is a moonlighter.

9.  What is the difference between a quill pen and a pencil? ….. One is driven; one is lead (led).

10. How many sexes are there in England? ………  FIVE – Male-sex;  Female-sex;    Middle-sex;   Es-sex;  and Sus-sex.


Right lets move on to this weeks set of 5 – and remember, these were first posed on December 22nd 1886:

11.  Does an angel have one wing or two?

12.  Why is a penny trumpet like an inexpensive repast?

13.  If London was in flames what would put the fire out?

14.  If you caught sight of a fishing boat at sea, why would the experience be a painful one?

15.  With what song would you advertise a cure for deafness?


Have fine – answers and 5 more conundrums next week.


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