Conundrums for fun 2

Welcome to week 2 of Conundrums for Fun.  Remember – these were published on 22nd December 1886

These are the answers to your first five as published last Friday:

  • What three notes in Curwen’s musical notation would light up a drawing-room? – Soh, lah, ray = solar ray
  • Why is a bad cold a great humiliation? – Because it brings the proudest man to his sneeze = his knees
  • When is an arm-chair like a bride’s slipper? – When it is sat-in.
  • Why are an angry lover and a jilted maid like the implements of war? – One has a cross-beau and the other a cut-lass.
  • When is a milkman like the whale that swallowed Jonah? – When he takes the profit [prophet] out of the water.
Here are your five for this week:

6.  Why is a convent like an empty house?

7.  Why did Quintus Curtius jump into the gulf in the Forum?

8.  Why is the sun like an Irish marauder?

9.  What is the difference between a quill pen and a pencil?

10. How many sexes are there in England?

 Have fun and we’ll see you next week.

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