Now that’s a good thought

I’ve just been trawling through a collection that I compiled quite some time ago.  They are nothing new – but they are to the point; and they do make sense.
Some have source credits – some don’t.   I plan on posting them in ones and twos over the weeks ahead.  I hope you find them as interesting – and suggestive – as me.
Today I’ve started with two extremes – neither has a claiming name.

Thought 1
There is nothing in the world which can replace perseverance.  Talent alone is not enough: there is no shortage of unsuccessful people with a lot of talent.
The same is true of genius: unrecognised geniuses are two-a-penny.
Education is just as unimportant: the world is full of educated idiots.
Perseverance and determination alone make success possible.

Thought 2 is much briefer it simply says:

‘Opinions do not alter facts.’

More thoughts soon


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