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The end of Fenland Monasticism

Henry VIII inherited considerable wealth but, unlike his frugal father, Henry spent, flaunted and gambled with his money. His celebration of the peace agreement between France and England at the Field of Cloth of Gold, near Calais in 1520 is a perfect example of this. Keen to impress the French king, Francis I, Henry shipped […]

Crowland Abbey in the 15th century

Between 1378 and 1427 Crowland – then named Croyland – was engaged in a succession of lawsuits about its possessions in the marshes. At Whitsuntide 1394 the ‘Men of Deeping’ had invaded the marshlands and destroyed a cross at Kenulfston. Abbot Thomas went to London to lay his grievance before the King and, mainly due […]

The Monasteries in the 15th century

By the 15th century the monastic houses of the Fenlands had been in existence for over 400 years and a great deal of the original zeal had dissipated. It is significant that visitations by Bishops or their representatives increased during this time – and what they found was often far removed from what the Benedictine […]