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Black Death and Beyond

23rd June 1348 initiated a change in a great many other things throughout England The 14th century had started so well. There was a comparatively well-fed population of around 4 million – nearly three times that at the time of the Norman Conquest. The climate was kind, and all around were religious houses, praying for […]

Fenland Monasteries and the height of their powers

For the established monasteries across Britain, the period between 1200 and the early thirteen hundreds was a time of expansion, stability and responsibility and also a time of ‘high farming’. The Fenland Monasteries built tithe and storage barns to hold their crops; vineyards were planted; gardens & orchards were created with cherry and pear trees […]

The Normans – conflict, building and re-building 1070-1200

It appears that William’s first idea was to work with the Old English past – certainly as far as the Church was concerned. However this did not last long. The Celtic church in the north was a major factor in the resistance that led to his ‘Harrying of the North’, and in the Fens the […]

The story of Hereward the Wake

The story of Hereward the Wake is a story of this time told many times over. It is a key part of the story we are telling of the great Fenland Monasteries. I am going to address this part of the story in two steps – one step here and now, another next week when […]